Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

Global artist stays at home

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 13:20

- Global artist stays at home; Five September lectures -
Search for a cure against despair

"I just could not go to Moscow..."

23 September,The SMALL world - the BIG world (the father)
24 September, SPIDERMAN (the hero)
25 September, UNHEIMLICHE- UNCANNY (death)
26 September, FREECLOUD (free)
27 September, Performance, (art), teaching and relation (the soldier)

Each lecture film contains one different topic concerning the search for the cure against despair.
Each film will is produced locally in the Swedish home of the artist, Fredric Gunve.
This artistic approach to a local produced art in the pedagogical form of lectures is connected to two different ideas.
One being relocalization, and the other concerning performance art as education.