Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

The world is a library moving at lightspeed

InquiryPosted by Fredric Gunve 20 Nov, 2013 08:59

The world is a library moving at lightspeed.
The world is billions of creatures in constant flux.
Feel the massive flow of information, of senses and experiences, hands reaching, touching, wild zapping on the TV-machine, adventure mazes, cosmic colors and maximalism.
Different voices, all speaking at the same time.
The Internet is a library that has come to life, and is now trying to devour us with its craving to communicate what it knows. Every page lies on top of millions other pages that all glimmer through the thin layer of this page.
That static is what lies beneath now and the future, it is the face of the mad library.