Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

book of magic

InquiryPosted by Fredric Gunve 23 Sep, 2012 14:06
So, Timothy.
You have seen what we have shown you.
You have seen the past.
You have met a handful of the present practitioners of the art.
You have glimpsed the worlds that touch your own.
You have seen the beginning, and you have seen the end.
Now, yours is the decision. If you choose magic, you will never be able to return to the life you once lived. Your world may be more... exciting... but it will also be more dangerous. Less reliable.
And once you begin to walk the path of magic, you can never step off it.

Or you can choose the path of science, of rationality. Live in a normal world. Die a normal death. Less exciting, undoubtedly. But safer.

The choice is yours.