Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

Canapes of DEATH

CoursesPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 20:50

Canapes of DEATH – finger food for you

I asked her/him if it was a small sandwich, this Hors d'œuvre, this Canape´?

They/it said; - Yes, you can call it that. And since you ask, I would like to invite you...

The Chef Of Death would like to invite you

to the beginning of the end, the making of starters.

The beginning of the end, is our time to show the world how much we love the craft of gastronomic decoration. This will be the night of thousand canapes!

- Hej C: art students. We must decide what ingredients we need to create a thousand Canapes? What? Oh, I understand. You want me to tell you more about this gastronomic processed based performance art workshop.
Well, we will create small canapes for the party. And decorate them one by one. Every single piece will be created with the passion that comes from your life story´s and knowledge about art. But it is of most importance that the canapes are eatable and that every ingredient is handled with respect and love. It is not only about what you do, but also about how you do what you do! This is not just finger food, this is the cure against despair.


You become what you eat. You are your food.

Recipes and menus:

- What are you waiting for? He whispered from the door opening. Maybe he thought he had to follow the classic vampire rule of not being able to enter if not invited. A silly rule of courtesy for the dandy creatures of the night. But he was no vampire, and it was not even night time. Just another morning at the office the chef used when figuring out the menu for next week.
She looked at him and thought. I could show you the face of Kali, I could show you the face of Gaiman's Death, I could turn you inside out so we all could see what you are made of. But not today. Today I will just keep on writing the menu and figuring out the recipe for the next Primordial Soup.

She, the Chef of Death continued to write on the menu.

The Chef of Death will compose a menu for Christmas, for the end of the semester, for the end of 2010 and for the end of the universe.
What menu could include an art piece, an existential question about being, living and dying and also be festive enough for a school party?