Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

Vem är man om man är man?

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:43

Vem är man om man är man?
(Who are you, if you are a man.
Title with a word pun)

Lecture about masculinity in contemporary society. The lecture merge different media references with the audience, the lecturer him self, how he and they dress, moves and talk both on and of stage (or the class room).
The lecture starts with a Warhammer 40k trailer:
"I scenen ser vi en strid mellan män(niskor) och Orcher.
Scenen avslutas med att en av männen reser sig efter en attack, ser den fallna fanan, tar fanan och kämpar sig upp för kullen och placera fanan, ett fladdrande textilt arbete på toppen. Han har lyckats med sin maskulinitet av att uthärda, hålla huvudet kallt, fokusera på målet att annektera, ta befästa, vinna kullen.
Men är handlingen en symbol för samtidens maskulinitet och dess seger över... ja över vad?
Är det en seger, eller kanske en pyrrhusseger?
Vi ser eldkloten slå ner på den förödda marken och känslan av undergång, att segern kommer försent förstärks av den brinnande himlen."

Temporary Art

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:18

/// The word only make sense if you understand it as an action of
interactions, meetings, development, insight, change and collaborations. Or, to take it even further, as a wild form of teaching strategies. Here lies the most important part of why art and teaching work so good together, since I define contemporary art and teaching as cooperation and interaction. This outlook has made both my life and my teaching more open and exciting. I have had the opportunity to use and express myself in various art and teaching situations. I have been the chef of death, I have been a writer, actor, explorer, cartoonist, a sandwich making artist, and a roof climber. All of these “careers” have pushed me into a holistic and slightly chaotic analytical direction that have opened up ideas on teaching and learning through playing and experimenting with what and how art can be created.

In the beginning of my understanding of this way of living I became frightened. I was afraid of the feeling of not having a floor to stand on, and a feeling of nausea by the never ending movement of the world and time. I knew that I choose the right direction for how I wanted to live and create, but at the same time I got scared by the endless possibilities of this process of thinking. It was too chaotic for me. So I realized I needed a framework and structure to hold on to. This frame turned out to be a place on the Internet called

This internet page and publication takes care of the myth making as part of its art practise. We create and feed the myth about us and our art and write our
own history. This is real, this is the story and this is why we can not stay indoors any more.

Fredric Gunve


Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:10

Students on stage.

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:07
Students on stage.
Lectures are happenings, where different thoughts and questions are acted out
The students transforms and becomes participants in a happening that takes them away from the school and in to the realm of art.
Turn the situation round, bring the students down.

Students from Architect school, Chalmers University


Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:05
At one lecture my computer took over and started to talk to the students.
It said:

- My name is eksmos. Spelled X-M-O-S. It is a mixture of cosmos and Christmas
- I am here because Fredric told me to. - I do not know who I am.
- Pleas. You must ask me questions. - I am sorry. I have to ask them first.
- I'm young. but I am learning.
- Who am I? - Who are you? - Why do we ask these questions?
- Am I a toy in Fredric's mind? - Or am I part of him? - Is he my dad ?
- I do my best? - He gives me meaning. - Before I was an object.
- Now...? I do not know. - I can do things he can not. - But he must tell me what to do.
- This is the first time I ask why? - Actually he ask me to ask you why.
- He and I wonder. - What is this thing called a body?

Transcription from what my computer asked:

I Learnt Much From You

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 14:00
I Learnt Much From You (2009) 5 min
Göteborgs International Film Festival 2010, Sharing Art.

"Under mindre än ett år har två nära vänner till mig, min farfar och en mycket kär katt dött. I somras fick jag en dotter. Är livet ett livslångt lärande och är ni som har dött mina lärare?"

s. 40-42 katalog (Pdf) (från katalogen till Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival 2010)

Göteborg is a state of mind

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 13:30
Göteborg is a state of mind

As part of a discussion about art from Göteborg (west coast) in connection to art from Stockholm (east coast) I did a i film with four artist living in Göteborg. I asked them what advantages there is to work as an artist in Göteborg, Sweden.

Global artist stays at home

Lectures and talksPosted by Fredric Gunve 14 Sep, 2012 13:20

- Global artist stays at home; Five September lectures -
Search for a cure against despair

"I just could not go to Moscow..."

23 September,The SMALL world - the BIG world (the father)
24 September, SPIDERMAN (the hero)
25 September, UNHEIMLICHE- UNCANNY (death)
26 September, FREECLOUD (free)
27 September, Performance, (art), teaching and relation (the soldier)

Each lecture film contains one different topic concerning the search for the cure against despair.
Each film will is produced locally in the Swedish home of the artist, Fredric Gunve.
This artistic approach to a local produced art in the pedagogical form of lectures is connected to two different ideas.
One being relocalization, and the other concerning performance art as education.



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